Louisa Lu

Now here's a pretty girl! I shot Louisa in a hotel in Kensington. Annoyingly there was really loud traffic so I had to put music on all the videos, and it had cheap flourescent lights which looked OK in real life but caused flickering problems too :( Still, I will see her again!
2022-05-21 - Video:
2022-05-21 - Video: "Pulled Apart"
Quite a lot of pussy pulling in this movie :) Explicit
2022-04-30 -
2022-04-30 - "Glowed Out"
Maybe I overdid it... I wanted to get a contrast between Louisa & the dark red background... Open leg.
2022-03-05 - Video:
2022-03-05 - Video: "Pink Stockings"
The pink stockings do jump out a bit! Open leg
2022-02-12 -
2022-02-12 - "In Deep"
It looks like you could climb into Louisa's pussy in some of these! Explicit
2022-01-29 - Video:
2022-01-29 - Video: "Red Shoes"
Baby's got the red shoes on... (a song lyric from somewhere) Open leg
2022-01-08 -
2022-01-08 - "Look At This"
A very lurid combination of pink and red, and some pussy closeups :) Open leg.
2021-12-04 -
2021-12-04 - "Outtro"
I don't know if "Outtro" is a word. I seem to remember having an album with the first track called "Intro", and the last called "Outtro", so maybe it is.…
2021-11-06 - Video:
2021-11-06 - Video: "No Clothes"
No costume at all in this one. It happens sometimes! Explicit
2021-10-09 -
2021-10-09 - "Naughty Soles"
The soles didn't end up appearing in many of the photos... Anyway, you may not know what red soles mean in some countries. I'm not going to tell you! Explicit
2021-09-18 - Video:
2021-09-18 - Video: "Fashionably Wide"
I think the phrase is actually "fashionably late", but we were both on time and Louisa's pussy is fashionably wide :) Explicit
2021-08-14 -
2021-08-14 - "Cover Nothing"
An outfit that covers nothing. It still gets removed :) Explicit
2021-07-24 -
2021-07-24 - "Look Deep"
Take a deep breath and look right into Louisa's pussy :) Explicit