Lottii Rose

Lottii is a love bright busty girl, who lives a long way out in the sticks... It took about a year from our first contact to actually get to shoot. I hope we manage again sooner!

2018-08-04 -
2018-08-04 - "Off You Go"
The final set from our first shoot together. Off you go, Lottii! Open leg.
2018-01-30 -
2018-01-30 - "Blue Striped Socks"
Lottii looks amazing in these socks.... so she keeps them on all the time. Of course, the rest of the outfit comes off :) Open leg.
2017-11-11 -
2017-11-11 - "Punchy Leotard"
This one really popped out at me! Lottii looks great on the stairs, and we really seemed to get the lighting right - often girls heads disappear into darkness…
2017-09-12 -
2017-09-12 - "Bump"
The thing with this stool is that a few seconds after getting up off it, it makes a loud bump noise. The exact time depends on how heavy you are. I can assure…
2017-08-26 -
2017-08-26 - "Country Bumpkin Skirt"
Lottii is a very rural kind of girl - she actually comes from the same part of the country as my family. She called this skirt her "country bumpkin skirt". I…
2017-07-04 -
2017-07-04 - "Extreme Close"
Lottii's turn to be very close and very fuzzy :) Open leg.
2017-06-03 -
2017-06-03 - "Stars And Stripes"
What a cool shirt :) Pretty devastating boobs Lottii has too! Open leg.
2017-05-23 -
2017-05-23 - "Trouble Maker"
Lottii's leotard has a very direct message. She can cause us trouble any time :) Open leg.