Lucie B

Lucie, aka Ema Black (Prague models always have loads of names!), was a terrific model with just about the best skin I have ever seen! Beautiful and very talented, I plan on shooting her again when I next visit :)
2018-05-05 -
2018-05-05 - "Stockings And Suspenders"
No stripping in this one! Lucie starts off in stockings and suspenders, and stays that way... Open leg.
2018-03-13 -
2018-03-13 - "And So To Bed"
After a lot of shooting, Lucie goes to bed! Open leg.
2018-01-20 -
2018-01-20 - "Only Needs The Jacket"
Lucie really doesn't need any more than the jacket to look great in this set :) Open leg.
2017-10-21 -
2017-10-21 - "Goodbye"
A quick final set from Lucie, just before the end of my trip to Prague. I hope it isn't "Goodbye", just "Au Revoir". Open leg.
2017-09-02 -
2017-09-02 - "Blue Set"
Lucie always looks terrific, but I do love this blue lingerie set :) Open leg.
2017-07-15 -
2017-07-15 - "Pink And Close"
This is rather stylish and elegant set with Lucie, but we still get to see everything :) Open leg.
2017-05-06 -
2017-05-06 - "On The Sofa"
Here's Lucie on the sofa in the Prague apartment. Her lingerie is stunning too :) Open leg.
2017-04-04 -
2017-04-04 - "Little Shorts"
They don't always get called "Daisies"! I'm intrigued by the pocket thing with these shorts too :) Open leg.
2017-01-21 -
2017-01-21 - "Naked With Shades"
Lucie is naked except for her shades (and shoes, to be honest) in this set, and doesn't she look great! Open leg.
2016-11-22 -
2016-11-22 - "Post Shower"
I shot both girls in the shower. Afterwards, we found we just had time for another set - so I started with them wrapped in the towels :) Open leg.
2016-10-22 -
2016-10-22 - "Tiny Chair"
There was this tiny chair in the middle of the wall, I think it was mainly decorative. Lucie is pretty small, and just fits on it! Open leg.
2016-09-27 -
2016-09-27 - "Purple"
This was my introduction to lovely Lucie, in the purple corner of the Fitness centre:) A great start to our afternoon! Open leg.