Ashleigh Monroe

Ashleigh is a well known glamour model who lives near me. I shot her with the sybian, and we shot a lot more naughty stuff! Later we did a pregnancy project for Artcore-Cafe.
2017-09-09 -
2017-09-09 - "Second Ride"
Here's Ashleigh's second go on the sybian. It works again! Explicit.
2017-07-22 -
2017-07-22 - "Her Toy"
Ashleigh was here to use the sybian (she did... twice!), but here she uses one of her own toys... Explicit.
2017-06-27 -
2017-06-27 - "Ludicrously Spread"
When your pussy is as big and wet as Ashleigh's, and you've just cum a couple of times, you can spread your pussy very wide indeed :) So she does! Explicit.
2017-03-25 -
2017-03-25 - "Loving The Wand"
Ashleigh was here to ride the sybian, but she loved the wand too. Her she is, proving it! Explicit.
2017-02-04 -
2017-02-04 - "Spread In Red On The Bed"
A nice alliterative title for this set of Ashleigh. It says it all! Explicit.
2016-12-17 -
2016-12-17 - "Ashleigh's Ride"
Ashleigh was here for one reason, and here it is! She couldn't wait for it, and it really worked for her! Explicit.
2016-11-19 -
2016-11-19 - "Glass Toy"
Here's Ashleigh playing with a glass toy for us :) She seems to have fun! Explicit.