Babe, aka XXXBabe69XXX (at least, that's what she wrote on the paperwork, but I can't pronounce that!), is a real rarity. An Indian nude model :) And she's covered in tattoos! She was a lot of fun, and I have to shoot her again :)
2021-05-08 - Video:
2021-05-08 - Video: "Bit Of Pink"
A bit of pink to start with, then out comes the black toy :) Explicit.
2021-01-16 -
2021-01-16 - "Black And Gold"
Black lingerie, gold toy :) Explicit
2020-11-28 -
2020-11-28 - "Mismatch"
We were down to the last bits of lingerie that Babe had with her. Thats why it doesn't match! Explicit
2020-08-29 - Video:
2020-08-29 - Video: "The Gold Jumps"
I thought the gold colour jumped out of the screen in this video! Explicit
2020-07-04 - Video:
2020-07-04 - Video: "Her Glass Toy"
Babe turned up with her own collection of toys. This is one of them! Explicit
2020-05-09 -
2020-05-09 - "Wavy Purple"
Why do my notes say "purple"? The lingerie is red. Maybe there's a purple tinge to the glass toy! Explicit
2020-04-11 - Video:
2020-04-11 - Video: "Black And White And Glass"
A mismatching set of lingerie - which soon goes - and a glass toy :) Explicit
2020-03-21 -
2020-03-21 - "Fair Amount Of Leather"
Thinking about it, there is actually quite a lot of leather here! Babe keeps the boots on, but the dress has to go! Explicit.
2019-10-19 - Video:
2019-10-19 - Video: "White Vest"
Quite a lot of writhing around on the floor in this movie. It did my back a bit of a mischief! Explicit.
2019-07-13 -
2019-07-13 - "Lingerie Set"
A little out of character maybe, but Babe has some pale lingerie here to get naughty in :) Explicit.
2019-06-22 -
2019-06-22 - "Red Dress"
This dress definitely jumped out :) Babe is a little restrained in this set, but we still see a lot! Open leg.
2019-05-25 - Video:
2019-05-25 - Video: "Black And Buzzing"
Babe has a go with the big black to again for us :) Explicit.