Anna Amy

Amy has a very cool look, a nice figure, and lives at the seaside! That was easily enough for me to drive a long way to shoot her, and I will do it again.
2020-02-22 -
2020-02-22 - "Window Set"
Some serious backlight here, which produced an effect I really liked. Just very difficult to do! Explicit.
2020-01-18 -
2020-01-18 - "Tight Stripes"
These stripes were very narrow, almost creating an interference pattern! Well, it had to go... Explicit.
2019-12-28 -
2019-12-28 - "All Pale"
This one is a very pale tinted set, a break from bright colours! Explicit
2019-11-02 -
2019-11-02 - "Spread On A Thing"
I had to look it up afterwards... The "thing" is a Chaise Longue. I forget more words every day! Explicit
2019-10-19 -
2019-10-19 - "Glow Effect"
For a bit of a change, I dialled up a glow effect for this set, something I normally only do with arty sets :) Explicit
2019-09-21 -
2019-09-21 - "Full Black Set"
A lot of lingerie here, all of it black! Explicit