Angelina is a fun Latvian model I met on my last trip to Riga. I didn't recognise her at the start as the photos I had seen of her had red hair. Oh well, she still looked great :)
2020-11-14 - Video:
2020-11-14 - Video: "On The Prison Bed"
I always think this bed comes from a prison, not that I know much about the inside of prisons :) Explicit
2020-06-06 -
2020-06-06 - "All Fuzzy"
This set in the hall went well fuzzy, not sure why! Explicit.
2020-04-04 -
2020-04-04 - "Wand Time"
I had to let Angelina have a go with the wand :) Explicit.
2020-02-15 - Video:
2020-02-15 - Video: "Wand And Sofa"
A proper vibrating pussy film from Angelina here :) Explicit
2019-11-09 -
2019-11-09 - "Graunch"
I may have overdone this one, I admit it! Graunch, by the way, is the sound a gearbox makes when you miss a change. It kind of reminded me! Explicit.
2019-08-31 -
2019-08-31 - "Saves Time"
It certainly saves time if you have no pants and your lingerie doesn't hide anything! It just lets Angelina get straight down to it. Explicit.
2019-08-24 - Video:
2019-08-24 - Video: "Big Dildo Big Pussy"
As Angelina plays with the big toy, it really make her pussy open up :) Explicit
2019-07-27 -
2019-07-27 - "Blue Glass"
Well, there's a blue tint to the glass, especially with this colour balance :) Explicit.
2019-06-29 - Video:
2019-06-29 - Video: "Lie Back"
Angelina lies back on the sofa and plays with a glass toy for us. Explicit.
2019-06-22 -
2019-06-22 - "Taking The Big One"
All the girls on the Riga trip had to take the big dildo. I had of course taken it with me in hand luggage :) Explicit.
2019-05-04 -
2019-05-04 - "Red Pants"
The pants do jump out a bit :) But, they soon go as Angelina gets on with it! Explicit.
2019-04-13 -
2019-04-13 - "Harshly Done"
Here we are in the dungeon again, with Angelina having fun with a toy :) Explicit.