Amyka Lee

Amyka is a very experienced, and very unusual model. A stunning filipina, she is a serious businesswoman, and an incredibly sexy girl. Loud, boisterous and funny, a shoot with Amyka is always tremendous fun!
2020-05-23 -
2020-05-23 - "Video: Cum Shot De Luxe"
After a serious amount of fucking, he gets to come all over Amyka! B/G
2019-02-02 -
2019-02-02 - "Video: Suck"
Amyka gives her boyfriend a blowjob as a warm up for us all :) B/G
2018-11-03 -
2018-11-03 - "Video: Cream Pie"
It didn't take long for Amyka and her boyfriend to get right down to it. And it didn't take too long for them to finish! These films were shot as practice for…
2018-10-02 -
2018-10-02 - "Red Dress"
What a lovely dress! I think it makes Amyka look amazing. Rather than a dinner party, she gets it on :) Explicit.
2018-07-21 -
2018-07-21 - "Video: Fuck Me"
Amyka was supposed to be giving him a massage, but she really wanted to be fucked! B/G
2018-04-17 -
2018-04-17 - "Where's My Bloody Toy?"
We'd shot with this costume for the cafe, and then Amyka had to find her toy to shoot this set. Somehow we lost it for a while! Explicit.
2018-02-10 -
2018-02-10 - "Two Purple Balls"
I think these are the sort of toys youre supposed to wander around the supermarket wearing :) We just have Amyka naked on the bed. Explicit.
2018-01-13 -
2018-01-13 - "Madam Secretary"
Amyka wears her smartest work clothes, but for this sort of work she has to take them off :) Explicit.
2017-12-02 -
2017-12-02 - "The Blue Mask"
"The Blue Mask" isn't just an album... or a film :) It's something Amyka likes to wear... Explicit.
2017-11-18 -
2017-11-18 - "Girly Bits"
Quite a girly sort of outfit for Amyka here, especially with the socks :) As usual, she gets naughty. Explicit
2017-10-28 -
2017-10-28 - "Waking Up"
Of course Amyka wakes up horny! She has her fun with a silver vibrator :) Explicit.
2017-08-12 -
2017-08-12 - "Tutu"
Amyka wears a little tutu outfit in this set, but she still gets to play with a big gold toy! Explicit.