Amelia Rose

Brought to you from Venezuela by way of Trinidad and Lima! It took a while to get hold of Amelia Rose, but I managed it eventually. Let's hope it won't be the last!
2023-01-28 - Video:
2023-01-28 - Video: "Girls Show part 2"
The girls are showing us all they've got! Part 2 of 2 Explicit
2023-01-21 -
2023-01-21 - "Yellow Spread"
My old yellow net bikini thing, combined with widely spread pussy lips :) Explicit
2022-12-10 - Video:
2022-12-10 - Video: "Girls Show part 1"
The girls are showing us all they've got! Part 1 of 2 Explicit
2022-11-05 - Video:
2022-11-05 - Video: "One Wet Pussy"
Just to finish a shoot where Amelia had been a lot ruder than I expected, I asked if we could do a little video to showcase her very wet pussy. But this time…
2022-10-01 -
2022-10-01 - "Extreme Close part 1"
For a shoot that was originally supposed to be art nude, there are a lot of pussy closeups here, and a lot of photos! part 1 of 3 Explicit
2022-09-10 -
2022-09-10 - "Straps And Stripes"
The bikini hides nothing, but Amelia didn't really want it to! Open leg
2022-08-20 -
2022-08-20 - "Newly Rude"
I had shot Amelia at art nude before, and assumed that this shoot would be the same. Amelia had other ideas! Open leg