Shooting Schedule

Sometimes I arrange shoots well in advance, sometimes they are last minute. If you have any requests for anything in particular with the upcoming models, drop me a line on artcore-cafe (at), and I'll see what I can do! Bear in mind that any suggestions have to be (1) legal, (2) physically possible, and (3) within the model's limits and something she enjoys :)

11th November: Nicole Vice

Time I saw Nicole here again :) This time with a real treat!

17th - 18th November: Kayla Louise

Kayla is going to try out my new spare room :)

26th November: BOou

Yes, it is a capital O! A french model who I am seeing at a studio near my new house. (Artcore-cafe only)

29th November: Roze

Roze wants to see my new house. It will be the usual cumfest!

30th November - 2nd December: Celje

My annual pre-Christmas trip to the show in Slovenia

7th December: Natalia Forrest

A long way off, but Natalia is a busy girl!

4th January: Liz Rainbow

First shoot of 2019! Maybe with Lilyan Red.

*** Custom Sets & Movies Available***

I can do custom sets of around 100 photos, or 5 minute videos, for you for about $50 - $80 (depending on the model, and how naughty it is - it all goes to her!)

Publication Schedule for November

Updates on Saturdays (2 or 3 new sets) and Tuesdays (1 or 2 new sets plus 2 bonus sets)

3rd: Amyka Lee ^ / Cherry English / Red Snow & Blooma Blossom

6th: Eileen Sue / Roze

10th: Casey Smith / Karlie Simon & Kayla Louise ^ / Mai To *

13th: Mystique

17th: Montse Swinger ^ / Olga Cabaeva / Tomoko

20th: Linet / Mia Sollis

24th: Jess Harrington / Lena Love / Roze ^

27th: Kayla Louise / Nicole Vice & Cindy Dollar

Publication Schedule for December

Updates on Saturdays (2 or 3 new sets) and Tuesdays (1 or 2 new sets plus 2 bonus sets)

1st: Elen Moore / Lilyan Red / Sweet Nadja ^

4th: Casey Smith / Nicole Vice & Cindy Dollar

8th: Billie * / Cherry English ^ / Natalia Forrest

11th: Kayla Louise & Tomoko / Liz Rainbow

15th: Eileen Sue / Kayla Louise ^ / Roze

18th: Cherry English / Olga Cabaeva

22nd: French Chloe / Kimmy Cumlots / Roze ^

25th: Jess Harrington / Tomoko

29th: Lena Love / Liz Rainbow ^ / Red Snow & Blooma Blossom

^ video clips, * new models