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Fun In The Sun

9th July 2019 09:39

I've been away so long I've forgotten what it's like at home! I will be back soon.

Here we were, up on the sand dunes in Ica. We ended up with Joha & Rosa naked and so many people watching we should have been selling tickets!

I also had the chance to shoot some very naughty movies with Joha :)


Pure Comedy Gold

20th June 2019 12:36

It has now been announced that the UK Age Verification rules will be put on hold indefinitely. Even the most dimwitted of politicians and puritans have had to accept that it just won't work. The government have been carted into court over it too.

Mildly irritating for me, as I spent an afternoon building my SFW front pages and making the redirection work. Very annoying for those who invested serious time and money - but frankly they would have been better off campaigning against it. I've left my uk versions there, but have hidden all the bits that require regular updating (the schedule etc). Should this fiasco ever come back from the dead I'll sort it out then.


And A Busy Weekend

16th June 2019 19:09

So, when you try to book a shoot, you contact a model and she may or may not reply. If you want to shoot at a particular time, like this weekend, you end up contacting several models in hope that one will want to shoot. Well, this weekend all three girls I contacted said yes. Three new models, Abigail, Koneko & Tammy Claire here...

I'm off travelling again for a few weeks. Updates at funny times depending on time zones and internet connections...


A Weekend At Home

26th May 2019 17:03

Two beautiful new models shot. Iron B yesterday, and Karina today :) Sometimes I feel lucky!

All that, and binge watching a box set of Turtle's Progress.

Iron B Karina

A Weekend In Greece

16th May 2019 08:12

I'm off to Athens for a few days so I've put this weekend's updates up early...


Age Verification Is Coming... Sometime... Maybe

10th May 2019 16:02

It has been announced that the UK Age Verification rules will be enforced from July. Just to prove how fucking stupid they are, they will be checking 50 sites at a time, and there are about 4 million to do! Of course, it depends on the order - let's hope it isn't alphabetical!

Anyway, after much investigation, I have decided not to use an Age Verification service. The pay ones are completely uneconomic for a small site like this - hundreds of people visit for each one that joins. As for the free ones - well you, the users, are the product. God knows what they will do with your details.

I have created a "Safe For Work" front page (here), and tested that I can divert UK users to it. I won't actually put the diversion live until I am forced to. When it does happen, we can all sleep safe in the knowledge that the children are protected. Or something...


A New Site Is Launched

29th April 2019 18:46

It has taken a while, but I have finally got credit card approval for my new fetish site Artcore's Cellar (

If you already have a joint membership for the Cafe & Kitchen, you will automatically have access.

Like all new sites, it is small right now, but it will grow!


Oops... Professional Failure

13th April 2019 09:34

While testing the Cellar, I discovered that since I reworked the members area back at the start of 2017, the link Zombaio sent you to after joining was broken, also the links to the members areas through aMember were broken too. Thanks for telling me guys & gals! It is fixed now, so things should look slightly more professional :)


Weekly Updates / The Bonus Area

29rd March 2019 16:06

OK. As previously announced, from today I am changing from bi-weekly to weekly updates to reduce the amount of donkey work in my life. You will be getting the same amount of new material, just once a week rather than split over two updates. I am also removing the bonus material today. This is due to some technical issues with 2257 regulations. I will be creating a new standalone website in a few months time, which will have free access to all Artcore's Kitchen members. Bit of a pain I know, but there are a lot of complications in running a website!



23rd March 2019 22:07

As part of some other preparatory work, I have signed up with Cloudflare. This is a system which kind of sits between my server & the internet, cacheing the site. It should make the site run much faster, and be more resilient (if my server is down, it should return the cached version). As an aside, it will allow easier implementation of the dreaded Age Verification system, if it ever gets enforced.

Anway, welcome to the new, quicker, Artcore's Kitchen!


A Slightly Sad Day

18th March 2019 16:19

Today I'm publishing the last naughty set of the divine Lauren Crist that I have - the last I shot with her back in the summer of 2016. I've been hanging on to it for a while! She now only shots to art nude level (I've shot her twice for the Cafe since I did this set...). So, this may well be the last open leg set of Lauren ever published!

Lauren Crist

Changes Coming Up

5th March 2019 22:01

If you look at the schedule, you'll see that from next month I will only be updating once a week. Don't worry, I'm publishing same number of new sets...

2 reasons - Firstly, I am having to spend a lot of time reconciling the Zombaio problems, and would like to spend less time doing donkey work!

Secondly, as of April 1st, I am starting a new site,, which will be for bondage themed material. I've been shooting more of this recently, and it doesn't really fit on the cafe & kitchen too well. I'm priming the site with reworked versions of all the bondage material I've published here, from then on everything will be unique to that site. I will be giving free membership to members of both current sites. Due to the crazy rules around site approval, I may not be able to actually give you access for a while.

Also, as of the end of March, I will be removing the bonus material. This is due to a tightening of 2257 regulations which mean I can't keep it on a pay site. In a few months time I will create another new site for it, which will be free to members of the other sites.

Oh, and this is Jessica Y - coming soon!


Travelling Again

6th February 2019 14:47

Yup. Off again to the USA for 2 weeks! I will be travelling around, so I have published the upcoming updates early. I will keep an eye on the Zombaio problems and check in as often as I can.


And Thanks To Maduro

23rd January 2019 15:49

I just shot this stunning venezuelan girl called Joha. There are an enormous number of venezuelan refugees here... I have to see her again next time! I booked her at art nude for the Cafe, but within seconds it was clear that was going out of the window! As you know, there is no-one who goes with the flow like me :)


Now Here's A Pretty Girl

22nd January 2019 14:56

Here's Cadef. I shot her for the Cafe yesterday, briefly. Like all latin americans, she was late (they call being on time "hora ingles", and find the idea quite amusing), so it was getting dark. I will try to fit her in again before I leave :)


Travelling Again

8th January 2019 14:31

I'm off to Lima again, this time for 3 weeks :)) I have a week in Brazil, and when in Lima I will hopefully get 3 shoots in, including 2 new models. I'm taking the laptop that updates the site with me, but updates will be at funny times while I'm away :) For technical reasons I'm putting up all the bonus material now.


Happy Christmas

22nd December 2018 20:19

A bit early, but having just donated £100 to the "Buy Your Local Emergency Plumber Another Ferrari Fund" for doing 5 minutes work, I'm off to Belgrade tomorrow morning. As usual, I've put up the next weeks updates early.


On To Something New

21st December 2018 19:14

You may be thinking I don't seem to do a lot of work, and you'd be right :) But, from now on, I won't be doing any work at all! As of today, I have retired. For the next few months I will be travelling a lot, and not shooting much. Never fear, there is a shedload of material to publish... and when I return in the spring I will probably shoot more than ever!

In the meantime, I've got to get used to the idea of spending my investments rather than adding to them!


A Very Classy Lady

10th December 2018 16:37

There are a lot of models available in London, but they aren't the most ethnically diverse bunch. I find what I can, and look at Alishaa! I just had an art nude shoot with her, but I found that she does the rudies, so next time (a little while off as I am travelling again) we'll be shooting for here :)


A New Take On Piracy

21st November 2018 19:03

I just bought a new laptop for photoshopping, as the old one I use for maintaining the site is getting flakey... So, it arrived in the post and I promptly installed photoshop on it. I disabled the license on the old machine, and when I tried to add it to the new one it had been revoked! 3 hours of grief on the help line to Adobe later... it turns out I had bought it from an illegal reseller! I've had it 5 years, so it worked out at £5 a month which is 1/2 what it costs to rent these days (they no longer sell lifetime licenses, because of all the piracy!). Now I have to go onto the rental plan. The good news is that the new version of photoshop is better than the old one I had - the spot healing tool is a revelation :)

Windows 10, on the other hand... what a pile of shite!

Jolly Roger

A Quiet Sunday In

11th November 2018 16:20

I don't often shoot B/G, partly because of the health issues and partly because of the cost. However, I do sometimes shoot real couples. Nicole Vice was coming over for a holiday with her boyfriend Dom, so they spent an afternoon having sex for us :) There is the proverbial shedload of material to come!


A Weekend In A Dungeon

23rd October 2018 19:04

Well, not exclusively! Haphazard Kittie again, Amelie Dot (who I've shot before but not released yet), and 4 lovely new latvian girls Casey, Raisa, Angelica & Nata Ocean. And some fetish sets for you :) Oh, and Raisa used a wand for the first time in her life... and loved it so much I let her use it 3 times, she was rather embarrassed when she left!


Nearly Sorted

12th October 2018 11:08

I've been very busy with the house move, and not been doing much other than keeping the site going for a while. We're nearly sorted! Just waiting for a new bookcase to arrive today, and the curtains in about 3 weeks... Of course, now I am flat on my back with the worst cold in history, so I'm not doing anything at all :(

Red Cross

Back From Barcelona

9th October 2018 18:37

A bit of a rough old weekend. Easyjet cancelled my flight just as I was setting off for the airport... I ended up flying out Saturday morning. 2 nights for the price of 3! They'd changed the show quite a lot, and from my point of view it wasn't as good - a lot more chat, and a lot fewer performances. Still, I do like Barcelona, so I'll be back next year!

The selfie stick epidemic is worse than ever - there were guys with full size SLR cameras with flash units on stuck on the end of big sticks, blocking everyone's view - and they weren't even using the flash!

Good news though - I shot some video for the first time in years, and got some pretty good results :)


Christening The New Flat

30th September 2018 17:01

A fun time with Liz, a litle restricted as half my flat still looks like a bombsite, and I have blankets over the windows instead of curtains!

Anyway, here she is, showing us more than usual... I still have the lucky speculum, so if you want it contact me on artcore-cafe (at) £20 (+ postage if not in the UK) and it's yours! What more could you ask for in life?

Liz Rainbow

A Whole Lot To Do

6th September 2018 19:21

Off to Greece tomorrow, then Peru next weekend, and we've finally fixed my house moving date for 2 days after I get back from Peru! I have 4 days in the country to do what you normally have 2 weeks to do! So... I'll be putting everything up good and early to save time :)


Well Babe Was Amazing

27th August 2018 21:53

When this very prim and proper looking indian lady got off the bus, I thought there's no way she's going to be doing the naughty things she'd said she'd do. Well, there was!