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Another Travel Advisory :)

13th January 2018 11:22

Off to Lima in a minute to see Su for a week :) I've put the next week's updates up early to save carrying computer gear half way across the world.

In other news, I had this idea to rework some of the oldest material - I have much better photoshopping tools & skills now that I did 4 years ago. I will publish 1 reworked set a month or so.

But, when I was looking through my archives, I found a load of largely unpublished stuff from Xi Zhou & Jasmine Lola! Odd pictures have been published in some early sets, but there is plenty of unused material. Xi's sets in particular are short sets, as I spent a whole day with her when I got my Leica M in 2013 experimenting without any intention of publishing them, but they are still worth seeing. Watch this space...



New Members Area Complete

11th January 2018 18:49

The new members area is complete. I have some behind the scenes tidying up to do, merging the remains of the old members area with the archive, then I can get on with having fun. Maybe as much fun as Tomoko is having here...


New Members Area With Zip Files

1st January 2018 16:46

Here comes the new members area. It's a simpler design for me to maintain and won't cause a big problem if something gets corrupted. I am trialling zip files, I need to see if they significantly increase the load on the server, and if it causes problems with piracy.

Now... Piracy... If you post my material on forums for others to download, that is piracy and it is illegal. You're not "sticking it to the man", you are sticking it to the performers. 10 years ago porn performers would get £1000 a scene + a bonus for extreme stuff, now they get £300 a scene and have to do everything to get that. Real people, many of them friends of mine, suffer because of piracy. Don't pretend that there is no victim here, there is. Anyway, rant over... if I find significant piracy I will simply remove the zip files - it will take about 5 minutes to do.

Happy New Year!



Wishing You All A Happy Christmas

23rd December 2017 07:25

I'm off to spend Christmas in the sun, so I've put up the next few updates early. I won't be able to check the sites, so if anything goes wrong email me on artcore-cafe (at) and I'll contact the hosts.

When I get back, there will be one more update this year, and then I'll be launching the new members area, with zip files :)


An Unexpected Treat

7th December 2017 05:50

I finally had my long awaited shoot with Liz Rainbow on Monday. On the morning, she called me to ask if her friend Lilyan could come over too (she had had a cancellation after some slimeball turned up and offered her half the previously agreed amount for the shoot). She came over for a couple of hours and I got to shoot them together :)

Liz & Lilyan

Its Getting Ridulous Now!

20th November 2017 17:49

The root disk of the server has filled up, so the membership database won't run. This means you can't join, renewals don't work, and sometimes you can't even log in. I'm working my arse off to fix it!

Update - Fixed :)))) I'm not sure how long the membership database was down. If your membership doesn't renew correctly, drop me a line on artcore-cafe (at) and I'll fix it manually.


The Cafe Is Nearly Done

20th November 2017 09:11

The Artcore-Cafe members area has been moved, and updates now all work correctly. Just in time! I just have a few more bits of tidying to do.

I am designing a new members area for both sites, which will be made up of smaller projects, so if one gets corrupted I won't have to go through this again! Also, I may be able to include zip file downloads, which I know a lot of poeple want. Designing it is one thing, working out a simple implementation which is easy to maintain is quite another!

And here's Kittie from our last shoot :)

Haphazard Kittie

SlovErotica Has Been Moved!

13th November 2017 16:04

I was talking to someone about meeting at SlovErotica, and she said she couldn't make the first weekend in December. I pointed out that the show is the second weekend... Oh no it isn't. It has been rescheduled from 8-10th Dec to 1st-3rd. Even now, 3 weeks before, if you google it almost every result has the old dates! Guess when my flights and hotel bookings are... and of course I can't get a refund. I might as well still go, and I'll see if I can book some new models to shoot. But... why do they do this???? The same thing happened at Bergamo last year.

Update... I found cheap flights to go 1st and 2nd December (Just the 1st 2 days). So I'm going to Slovenia twice in 2 weeks!


Artcore's Cafe Is Broken

10th November 2017 06:21

I have to do a massive upload to fix it, and I have to complete it by the end of the month as the manual hacking I'm doing to keep it running will fail then... Bit of a bummer... So, over the next couple of weeks updates will be at funny times so that I can do the cafe upload as efficiently as possible.


Davina Again

28th October 19:45

I had a shoot with lovely Davina again this morning. I may see her in Prague next year... Its a busy weekend. Rugby this afternoon, Tomoko tomorrow!


Bonus Back!

23rd October 2017 19:39

Turned out easier than I thought - having done some serious investigation into how the software works, I can now do the archives much more quickly too :)


Endless Work

21st October 2017 16:28

For the last few weeks, since we got the new disk, I've been endlessly uploading new material that had been waiting for months. That is all done, but now I have to move the bonus material to a new location. It is a lot easier for me to remove it from the site, and re-add it once it has all been moved. So, it has temporarily disappeared. I am going to try a quick hack which, if it works, should get it back in a couple of days. If that doesn't work, it will take a couple of weeks.


More Travel

5th October 20:05

Off to Barcelona for the weekend, so I've put up Saturday's update early. Hopefully the Salon Erotico will be on, and they won't declare independence and start a war before I get home!

And here's another flood at my place in Costa Rica. Like it or not, climate change is real...


All Done!

1st October 2017 14:51

We now have a 2TB drive... that should last a while :)


We're Having Another Go Saturday

27th September 2017 18:34

The service providers think they've fixed the problems, so the site will be down most of Saturday while we try the upgrade again.

building site

Oh Dear

24th September 2017 22:46

The upgrade failed. After the whole day banging heads we have given up and gone back to the old drive. We'll try again next weekend.


Building Work

14th September 2017 18:51

When I get home next week, we'll finally be doing a long-awaited hardware upgrade. The site will be down for a day or so, probably on Saturday 23rd, maybe a day or so later. There's so much material I need more disk space!

building site

A Whole Lot Of Travel

31st August 2017 19:08

Over the next 3 weekends I am in Milan, Lima & Greece. It's a tough life, but someone has to do it :)

Anyway, to save hassle while I'm away, I will be posting all the updates due up before I go on each trip


A Cool Pic Of Olga

20th August 2017 20:44

You can't see a lot of Olga in this, but you can see the cool bits:) We had a fun time, and I have a whole lot of new material for you all.


A Nice Shoot. The Rest Of The Day Though...

19th August 2017 18:23

A really cool shoot for the cafe down at Scarlet Door with Ecce & Jezebelle. Then the day went wrong... I just spent hours chasing around South London trying to find a fuse for the battery charger for my car. Why is this so difficult? Then I had to buy 2! Why? The first one lasted 16 years. Do they really think I'll be able to find the second one in 16 years time when I need it? Oh well. Ecce & Jezebelle were lovely :) Now I have to prepare for a whole lot naughtier shoot with Olga Cabaeva tomorrow...

Ecce & Jezebelle

Well That Was A Pain

6th August 2017 09:37

Sorry about the outage there... The hosts had to change the IP address of my server suddenly. Not their fault, but it just shouldn't have happened. If I'd had notice, I could have set the DNS mappings up so it would have been more or less seamless... Anyway it's all back now. I've put up 3 bonus sets & 3 "bonus bonus" sets on here, and 4 on the cafe to make it up :)

I have a suspicion that there may be an issue with renewals for a while... the server Zombaio uses for renewals seems to cache IP addresses, so the renewal messages may not reach my server... Just email me on artcore-cafe (at) and I'll sort it out :)


A Whole Heap Of Grief

1st August 2017 18:20

Apologies for the late update today. Some amateur hackers have been trying a brute force attack to guess my admin password. The system blocked all external logins, which stopped me from updating last night and this morning. That's been solved, but there is now an issue with a fire at the service providers. They are running on a backup internet link - it is fine for you downloading, but for me uploading it is incredibly slow! I will keep plugging away. The updates should gradually appear over the course of the evening...