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A different kind of site. Unique, all exclusive photo sets & videos. No BS, no dodgy adverts, just simple & clean. 4 - 5 new regular sets every week, plus 2 bonus sets (shows, classics, etc). Updates on Tuesdays & Saturdays

Everything from art nude to explicit images, all shot with a sense of fun. I enjoy my shoots, and my models do too. You will find high-light glamour, grungy grainy sets, real masturbation, lesbian sex, even a little b/g. There are well known models, unknown models, models who've never modelled before. I seek them everywhere :) The sexy stuff is real. My limit is the model's limit, and her limit is what she enjoys! Step inside, you will see anything but the usual industrial cookie-cutter porn :)

This site contains adult material. If you are underage or somewhere where this is illegal, please leave.

Next Update - 2018-08-18 - Mia Sollis & Elen Moore in "Rework: Little Ceremonies"

There are two of what I call "Little Ceremonies" on each shoot. The one it the end is the signing ceremony when I take all the photo ids & model releases. The first ceremony is when the model shows me all the clothes she has brought. This is more complex with two models as (1) they get mixed up and (2) I have to work out what suits the model, what works with the lighting & setup, and what matches - there is a lot more to this than pointing an expensive camera at a pretty girl! Anyway, the unpacking ceremony came up with this unusual blue lingerie for Mia & Elen. Nice, isn't it? Open Leg. 6 low-res samples

Current Update - 2018-08-14 - Nicole Vice in "The Large One"

Nicole takes on my largest dildo - and wins easily! Explicit. 6 low-res samples

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