Zara Moore

Zara is a proper northern lass, and glamour model. She came to visit me while shooting for other photographers. She really comes to life in front of the camera, and I hope she ventures down south again soon!
2016-05-03 -
2016-05-03 - "On Her Rocker"
Well, we say "Off your rocker". This time, Zara is definitely on her rocker as she dildos herself to orgasmic oblivion. Just look how big & wet her pussy gets!…
2016-04-05 -
2016-04-05 - "All Oily"
Zara gets herself well covered in oil, nice and shiny, before giving her dildo a right hammering. She ends up putting it in the saddle and riding it to orgasm…
2015-10-06 -
2015-10-06 - "Rise And Cum"
Another early morning masturbation set! I like doing this! I don't think Zara was quite so impressed with me dragging her out of bed on a Sunday morning though…
2015-09-01 -
2015-09-01 - "Body Stocking, Glass Toy"
The body stocking looks great, but the glass toy looks even better as Zara makes herself cum. I love the combination of cool, glamour, and raunch :) Explicit.
2015-07-06 -
2015-07-06 - "Is It Just Me?"
I don't know whether it is just when I am there, but girls in the shower always seem to end up playing with themselves! Zara is no exception. Who am I to…
2015-06-01 -
2015-06-01 - "Introduction"
This was the first explicit set I shot with Zara, nice and simple, and wow, does she show me what she can do! It often takes girls a little while to loosen up…