Yuki is a delightful fey sort of model, who lives right out in the wilds on the east coast. So much so that she got completely lost coming to see me! Don't worry, next time I'm going out there to see her!
2017-12-16 -
2017-12-16 - "On The Edge Of The Bath"
Yuki has some fun in the bath for us :) Open leg.
2017-09-16 -
2017-09-16 - "Face Shirt"
It's Yuki's turn to wear my weird face shirt. She has her own weird (but very attractive!) wig on too. Open leg.
2017-08-19 -
2017-08-19 - "Oily Yuki"
I often ask girls to cover themselves in baby oil, but Yuki here goes well overboard. You could have deep-fried her after this! Open leg.
2017-06-20 -
2017-06-20 - "Dungarees"
Yuki is absolutely adorable in this :) She manages to make the dungarees look so sexy, and once she takes them off... wow! Open leg.
2017-04-25 -
2017-04-25 - "Sixtys Wig"
I don't often say this, but when I do I mean it. I. Love. This. Set. Yuki was enchanting, an absolute joy to work with, and this set (even with the 1960's style…
2017-02-28 -
2017-02-28 - "Brittle White"
Yuki looks very brittle & pale in this lovely set. It must be something to do with the light! Open leg.
2016-12-03 -
2016-12-03 - "Essential Jeans Set"
You know I can't resist a topless girl in jeans! Yuki looked stunning, so we ended up with a rather longer set than normal, and she keeps the jeans on for a…