Wyn is an artist, not a model, although you wouldn't know from these pictures. She had this idea to be shot using an old roll film camera. I still have mine, but the cost of roll film & processing is prohibitive these days so it's something of a museum piece. Anyhow, we did the shoot, rather naughtier than I was expecting, and eventually I scanned them all for the website. I made two sets, kind of collections, because when you have 15 shots on a roll of film and it costs £15 to process, you don't shoot hundreds of pictures like you do with digital!
2022-01-15 -
2022-01-15 - "Wyn Strips"
A set of pictures of Wyn stripping from various costumes for us. Never enough to make different sets sadly, so I put them all together :) Open leg.
2019-12-14 -
2019-12-14 - "Stockings"
Here's a collection of pictures of Wyn wearing stockings. Some are so close up that you can't see the stockings, but hey! Open leg.