Wil is so new I had to check her id before the shoot! Don't worry, she was legal by a few months. Very cute. She was rather tired, I hope to shoot her again when she has more energy!
2022-06-25 -
2022-06-25 - "Wide Enough"
A nice chair, but only just wide enough for Wil to open her legs apart for us :) Open leg.
2022-03-26 - Video:
2022-03-26 - Video: "Using The Big One"
To finish the shoot, I gave Wil the big wand. Explicit.
2021-04-03 -
2021-04-03 - "Big Wand"
I saved the biggest one 'til last! This time Wil uses my big black wand. Explicit
2021-03-06 - Video:
2021-03-06 - Video: "Mr Purple"
Now it's time for Wil to try a wand, my small purple one. Explicit
2021-01-09 -
2021-01-09 - "First Wanding"
Wil didn't know what this was. I explained it, she soon got the hang :) Explicit.
2020-12-19 - Video:
2020-12-19 - Video: "Showing Us"
A nice start to our shoot, with Wil showing us her pussy :) Open leg
2020-11-14 -
2020-11-14 - "Tight Fit"
Wil is rather inexperienced, and this toy was rather a tight fit for her. She still managed it :) Explicit
2020-10-10 -
2020-10-10 - "Red Dress"
This is Wil's red dress. Or maybe it's a nightie. I couldn't really tell! Who cares? Open leg.
2020-09-12 - Video:
2020-09-12 - Video: "Big Pink"
Wil uses the big pink vibrator for us, rather a tight fit! Explicit
2020-08-29 - Video:
2020-08-29 - Video: "First Time Ever"
Here is Wil's first time ever using a vibrator. I gave her the small one to start! Explicit.
2020-07-11 -
2020-07-11 - "In The Corner"
This corner of the hotel room looked cool. I liked the decor :) I had to shoot Wil there! Open leg.
2020-06-13 -
2020-06-13 - "First Time With A Toy"
I didn't realise when I booked her that this was Wil's first shoot using a toy. I had booked her originally at "open leg", but she messaged me a couple of days…