Aika May

Aika, aka Aiko Bell, is a lovely Czech model, who I met one Saturday morning. We shot in the hotel, and then outside, and had a great time :)
2017-12-30 -
2017-12-30 - "Aika In White"
Aika's sexy white dress and underwear start this set nicely, and she finishes it even more nicely, naked :) Explicit.
2017-10-10 -
2017-10-10 - "In The Window"
Aika starts off in the window, but she moves away when things get naughty! Explicit.
2017-09-02 -
2017-09-02 - "Lay A Blanket On The Floor"
Here are some nice close-up pictures of Aika sitting on a blanket:) Simple! Explicit.
2017-08-01 -
2017-08-01 - "Bright Light"
The sun kept coming and going during out shoot, but during this set it was very bright indeed :) Explicit.
2017-07-01 -
2017-07-01 - "Climbing On The Pipes"
Aika climbs all over this pile of concrete pipes for us, nicely in view from the road! Explicit.
2017-06-03 -
2017-06-03 - "Lady In The Grass"
Here's Aika, outside this time, in one of my bikinis :) Explicit.
2017-04-01 -
2017-04-01 - "Camouflage Shorts"
Aika shows us her sexy camouflage shorts, and whats underneath them! Explicit.
2016-12-13 -
2016-12-13 - "Introducing Aika"
Say hello to Aika :) We shot this in my hotel room in Ceska Budajovice, before going out. It was difficult to light, but the results are good! Explicit.