Abigail is the closest model to me, barely a short bus ride away! When I saw how naughty she was, I had to promise to shoot her again.
2022-05-07 - Video:
2022-05-07 - Video: "Wand Again"
It's not just me that loves the wand, all the girls do! So, Abi uses it again to finish off. Explicit.
2021-03-20 - Video:
2021-03-20 - Video: "Odd Colours"
An odd collection of colours here as Abi plays with herself. Explicit
2020-10-17 -
2020-10-17 - "Black Wand"
Abi demonstrates the correct use of her black wand :) Explicit
2020-06-27 -
2020-06-27 - "Small Piece Of Denim"
The costumes don't really matter a lot with a model like Abi :) Here's a small piece of denim, and a wand :) Explicit.
2020-05-02 -
2020-05-02 - "Dodge The Reflections"
The problem with shiny toys is that I can end up appearing in the pictures! I was as careful as possible, but still had to do a little photoshopping :) Explicit
2020-04-18 - Video:
2020-04-18 - Video: "Oh Fuck"
For obvious reasons my films don't have a lot of dialogue. This one has two words... "Oh Fuck". Explicit
2020-03-14 - Video:
2020-03-14 - Video: "Noisy Pussy"
Yes, the noises aren't sound effects, Abi's pussy is that noisy! Explicit
2020-02-29 - Video:
2020-02-29 - Video: "The Director"
Well, Abi wasn't really direcing this film, but she was sitting in the director's chair :) Explicit.
2020-01-25 -
2020-01-25 - "Ride This"
I'd forgotten about the saddle thing. I found it in a cupboard when I was preparing for the shoot. So, I said to Abi, "Ride This"! Explicit
2019-12-14 -
2019-12-14 - "Colour Clash"
After shooting, this looked like a bit of an odd colour clash with the different bits of lingerie. But, who cares? Explicit
2019-11-30 - Video:
2019-11-30 - Video: "Pussy Ripples"
I love it when you can see a girls pussy vibrate with the toy :) Explicit.
2019-10-05 -
2019-10-05 - "Well We Won't Do Art"
I wasn't sure whether to do some sets for the Cafe with Abi. Within a minute of starting this set, it was obvious that we wouldn't! Explicit.