Next Months Updates

Covers & descriptions of the upcoming photo sets & videos
2022-11-26 - Video: Joha in
2022-11-26 - Video: Joha in "Pink And Bouncy"
Joha loves this toy! She has asked me to buy her the new version for my next visit. Given the effect it has on her, I will :) Explicit.
2022-11-26 - Video: Edite in
2022-11-26 - Video: Edite in "Battery This Time"
The first time Edite didn't have a battery for the toy.. not that it stopped her... this time she did, and it was even better :) Explicit
2022-11-26 - Essie in
2022-11-26 - Essie in "Bendy Glass"
Essie gets to use my big bendy glass toy, it always works! Explicit
2022-11-26 - Deya Vu in
2022-11-26 - Deya Vu in "Naughty By The Pool"
This time Deya gets a bit naughtier by the pool :) Open leg
2022-11-26 - Billie in
2022-11-26 - Billie in "Crazy Hat"
The crazy hat was Billie's... the tie, on the other hand, was mine :) Explicit.
2022-11-19 - Video: Tanya Virago in
2022-11-19 - Video: Tanya Virago in "Farewell Wand"
We finally broke out the toy for the last film of the shoot. Tanya cums yet again! Explicit.
2022-11-19 - Louisa Lu in
2022-11-19 - Louisa Lu in "V Shaped"
I'm not quite sure why my notes said "V Shaped", maybe it's Louisa's hand gestures! Explicit
2022-11-19 - Kim D'Noir in
2022-11-19 - Kim D'Noir in "Stunning Face"
I get that you're probably not here to look a girls' faces, but in this case you should! Of course, look at the rest of her too :) Open leg
2022-11-19 - Edina in
2022-11-19 - Edina in "Fitness Session"
Edina does a bit of fitness for us, all while falling out of a tight leotard! Explicit
2022-11-12 - Video: Molly in
2022-11-12 - Video: Molly in "Creamy Pussy"
You can definitely see how well this toy works :) Explicit
2022-11-12 - Video: Jasmine in
2022-11-12 - Video: Jasmine in "Counter Sunk"
What is a counter sunk screw? I don't do DIY so have no idea. Anyway, the toy sinks into Jasmine on the counter. Explicit
2022-11-12 - Ell in
2022-11-12 - Ell in "Legs Over Arms"
Ell draps both legs of the arms of this chair. To be honest, I think she could have done it on a sofa! Open leg