Taylor Morgan

Taylor is a very fun, naughty, and outright dirty girl. She made her name in porn some time ago by doing anything, and we had some fun shoots too!
2015-10-31 -
2015-10-31 - "That's My Coil!"
Warning, this is seriously kinky. Taylor made her name by doing anything for the camera, and seemingly loving it all. I had to suggest something I'd hoped she…
2015-08-01 -
2015-08-01 - "Do As You're Damned Well Told"
Tammie just makes Taylor do what she wants in the hallway. First she sits on Taylor's face, and then she goes down on her, forcing her to cum whether she wants…
2015-05-02 -
2015-05-02 - "Wank After Work"
Taylor is permanently horny :) She's just home from work and is watching a bit of porn. After a minute or two, she just has to have a wank, and she really goes…
2015-03-14 -
2015-03-14 - "Magic Wand 2"
The girls started off with a good mutual pussy munching session. Soon, they both wanted to cum again, so we got out the magic wand for a second session - more…
2015-01-24 -
2015-01-24 - "Glass Toys"
Tammie & Taylor take it in turns to make each other cum using a pair of glass toys, in glorious closeup. Explicit.
2014-12-20 -
2014-12-20 - "Dildoed Senseless"
Taylor is lying in bed, but she has an itch to scratch and just the thing to do it with. Watch as she dildoes herself senseless, complete with crashing wet…
2014-11-08 -
2014-11-08 - "Magic Wand 1"
A simple concept. Give two models a chair to sit on and a magic wand to play with, and they make each other cum with it. Seriously wet pussies on display here…
2014-11-01 -
2014-11-01 - "Definite MILF"
Taylor is definitely a MILF, and a damned fine one if you ask me! Here she is, doing the closest she probably can to tasteful pinup, before spreading herself…