I lost my photos of Shannon, and by the time I found them I had scanned all my photos and sold my scanner... They have been sitting around for years, and I finally borrowed a scanner. So, here are some very late "classics".
2022-03-05 - Classics:
2022-03-05 - Classics: "White Cover"
I still have this white cover. It is on my bed every winter! Oh... you were looking at Shannon, OK :) Explicit
2021-09-04 - Classics:
2021-09-04 - Classics: "Mirrored"
A lot of reflections here. I used to have mirrored wardrobes :) Explicit
2021-05-15 - Classics:
2021-05-15 - Classics: "On The Arm"
Sometimes, but not always, on the arm of the sofa :) Explicit