Sandy was my first ever model. She used to work from home, had a full set of lights and made everything very easy. A perfect introduction to glamour photography.
2016-05-17 - Classics:
2016-05-17 - Classics: "Black Shoes"
This is from my second shoot with Sandy, a nice little strip characterised by her black shoes :) Open leg.
2015-11-10 - Classics:
2015-11-10 - Classics: "Directional Light"
This set is from my third and last shoot with Sandy, and it was time to try something new. Directional light - that is putting both light on the same side of…
2015-04-18 - Classics:
2015-04-18 - Classics: "Red Shoes"
Some serious lingerie here for Sandy, and she looks great in it! Explicit
2014-11-15 - Classics:
2014-11-15 - Classics: "First Ever Shoot"
So, this was my first ever shoot. The cover picture was the first time I pressed the camera release with a disrobed girl in front of me. Until that point I was…