I will never forget Petra's arrival. I was looking down from the window of my top floor flat, and saw her turn up in an open top sports car, wearing a tiny mini skirt. Even from up there I could see she wasn't wearing panties! And then I saw her boobies!
2022-04-16 - Classics:
2022-04-16 - Classics: "Lots Of Lace"
I loved the lace, and I loved the dribble on her nipples even more :) Explicit
2021-10-23 - Classics:
2021-10-23 - Classics: "Shiny Dress"
The dress was ridiculously tight - well it had to be really! Explicit
2021-04-17 - Classics:
2021-04-17 - Classics: "Two Quick Strips"
A couple of quick strips from Petra... the kind of thing we used to do with film when we didn't take too many pictures :) Art nude.