Pandora is another of my magic MILFs :) And a very naughty one, particularly with her driver! We had a very entertaining shoot, and I hope we will do it again.
2022-07-16 - Video:
2022-07-16 - Video: "Wand Finish"
Pandora finishes our shoot by finishing herself off with the wand :) Explicit.
2020-06-27- Video:
2020-06-27- Video: "Toss"
Pandora gets very naughty with her friend, while I lean over with the camera at an awkward angle and avoid the friendly fire! B/G
2020-02-15 -
2020-02-15 - "Havin' A Wand"
Pandora having a lot of fun with my wand for us :) Explicit.
2019-11-09 - Video:
2019-11-09 - Video: "Loud Buzzing"
Yes, this vibrator was very loud. I like them to be noisy! Explicit
2019-10-12 -
2019-10-12 - "Suck Dis"
Another one of those oddly shot blow job sets :) The lighting is a deliberate experiment, which I rather liked :) B/G
2019-08-24 -
2019-08-24 - "Hello Pandora"
Pandora introduces herself to us in the best way possible, with a big silver toy. Explicit