Olga Cabaeva

Olga (aka Patrizia Berger) is an experienced russian pornstar, now living in Spain. She contacted me out of the blue (I don't know how she found me) We have shot a few times, and this time produced a couple of sets for here.
2021-06-19 - Video:
2021-06-19 - Video: "Buried In Pubes"
The wand gets buried rather deeper than normal. Olga likes it that way :) Explicit
2021-05-22 -
2021-05-22 - "Video: With The Wand"
Nicely, I gave Olga the chance to use the big black wand to make herself cum :) Explicit
2021-01-30 -
2021-01-30 - "Shirt On"
The shirt was so good Olga kept it on. We still see the fun with the dildo! Explicit
2020-10-31 - Video:
2020-10-31 - Video: "Something Normal"
The clothing seemed normal, maybe the toy is a bit more normal than usual :) Explicit
2020-05-16 -
2020-05-16 - "Video: Purple Purple"
Yes, purple lingerie and a purple wand... this time used by Olga properly! Explicit
2020-01-18 -
2020-01-18 - "A Bit Of Leather"
Just a small piece of leather in Olga's costume this time :) Explicit.
2019-11-23 -
2019-11-23 - "Dark Red"
I liked this dress. I'm not sure what colour it is, but we'll go with dark red. Explicit.
2019-10-12 -
2019-10-12 - "Yellow Bikini"
This was our second dose of garden fun, with a different collection of colours. Open leg.
2019-09-28 -
2019-09-28 - "Bathing Suit"
Olga starts off with a very nice bathing suit, before doing what she is supposed to do with a glass toy :) Explicit
2019-08-10 -
2019-08-10 - "Ring Around It"
A more strained set than usual with Olga, she ends it by playing around with her bracelets... Open leg
2019-06-29 -
2019-06-29 - "Red Leather Jacket"
A nice jacket, but it doesn't last long! Explicit.
2019-05-04 -
2019-05-04 - "Deeper Than Intended"
This was supposed to be a wand... but Olga preferred to insert it. I wasn't going to argue! Explicit