Mystique, aka Mistique is an actual genuine Transylvanian! In addition to being 5ft 11in tall with red hair - a pretty scary combination :) An extraordinary model and a lot of fun.
2021-08-28 - Mystique & Tomoko in
2021-08-28 - Mystique & Tomoko in "Endless Sex"
This was shot at the end of the amazing shoot with Mystique & Tomoko. They became great friends, as you an see! I originally published it as a set called "They…
2020-03-07 - Video:
2020-03-07 - Video: "Try All The Settings"
The buttons on this wand are a bit complicated. Mystique, deliberately or not, uses all the settings here! Explicit.
2019-11-23 -
2019-11-23 - "Rework: Big Silver Thing"
Watch the stunning Mystique ride her big silver thing to orgasm. Her pussy was wet and swollen at the start, you should see it by the end! Explicit.
2019-08-10 -
2019-08-10 - "Time For A Wank"
We'd been shooting art nude for the cafe for a while... now Mystique really wanted a wank. I wasn't going to stop her! Explicit.
2019-06-22 - Video:
2019-06-22 - Video: "Explosive Orgasm"
The extra toy here really worked for Mystique. She came explosively in less than a minute! Explicit
2018-11-13 -
2018-11-13 - "Well She Kept The Old One"
I gave my old white wand to Mystique after our last shoot as she liked it so much. Here she gets to try out my new black one :) Explicit.
2018-10-20 - Video:
2018-10-20 - Video: "Black Toys part 2"
Mystique has a long session using two black toys. Here's part 2. Explicit.
2018-09-22 - Video:
2018-09-22 - Video: "Black Toys part 1"
Mystique has a long session using two black toys. Here's part 1. Explicit.
2018-07-24 -
2018-07-24 - "Kiss This"
I like what Mystique does with the toy at the end of this set! Well, I like what she does at the start and in the middle as well :) Explicit.
2018-06-26 -
2018-06-26 - "Shiny Purple"
Mystique has a go with a shiny purple vibrator in this set, and as always you can see it working :) Explicit.
2018-03-24 -
2018-03-24 - "Final Session"
This was the final set from our amazing shoot, you can tell from the state of Mystique's pussy at the start :) The girls give themselves a real session with the…
2018-02-27 -
2018-02-27 - "Restrained"
Mystique has Roze in handcuffs, puts her on the saddle with a big vibrator, and then gets a serious going over with a dildo herself :) Explicit.