Mai To

Mai is a beautiful Thai girl who was over here for a while. I shot her for fun, with a small snapshot camera, but the results are fine. Small pictures by today's standards, but who's complaining!
2023-02-11 -
2023-02-11 - "Cute Socks"
A short set of Mai in some very cute socks, and little else :) Explicit.
2022-03-19 -
2022-03-19 - "Two Toy Time"
This time Mai plays with both the toys, and thoroughly enjoys it! Explicit.
2020-08-01 -
2020-08-01 - "Big White Toy"
A small model takes on a big white toy... and wins :) Explicit.
2018-11-10 -
2018-11-10 - "Hello Mai"
Introducing the lovely Mai, who really seemed to want to play with the big black vibrator :) Explicit.