Laima Irbis

Laima is a very experienced Russian model, who has been all over the world. She is currently based in Riga. I shot her entirely in the dungeon, but not all in a dungeon like way!
2017-06-17 -
2017-06-17 - "What She Came In"
Yes, these are the clothes Laima came in... I don't remember exactly, but think she actually wore pants when she came though :) Open leg.
2017-01-28 -
2017-01-28 - "Chained To The Wall"
I chained Laima to the wall for this set, which she seems to be fine with :) Open leg.
2016-09-24 -
2016-09-24 - "Fade Away"
For something shot in the dungeon, this set with Laima is rather elegant :) Open leg.
2016-08-13 -
2016-08-13 - "Chained In The Middle"
I chained Laima up in the middle of the dungeon (obviously, she was happy with this!), and had her writhe around. It made a change for me and Laima! Open leg.