Karlie Simon

Karlie is a proper old-time porn star. You name it, she's done it. I have known her for a number of years. Every so often she comes around and we have a little fun shoot.
2021-06-26 -
2021-06-26 - "Video: Double Ended Dildo"
A classic spot of double dildoing here with Karlie & Nicole ;) Explicit.
2021-05-29 -
2021-05-29 - "Big Pair"
Big pairs everywhere! The title refers to the huge toys which Karlie & Nicole put to good use for us! Explicit.
2021-03-06 - Video:
2021-03-06 - Video: "Dubious Examination"
Another one of the silly films I've done with Kayla for her onlyfans. I put music on it as the talking was a bit of a cringe :) Anyway, Kayla is dressed as a…
2020-12-26 -
2020-12-26 - "Video: Take It Off"
By our standards, Nicole had quite a lot on at the start of this clip, but Karlie soon takes it off. Explicit.
2020-10-24 -
2020-10-24 - "Video: Sex On The Floor"
Karlie & Nicole get down to it on the flor for us. Explicit.
2020-08-22 -
2020-08-22 - "Video: All In Black"
Not that it matters much, but the girls are both wearing black lingerie before they get down to it :) Explicit.
2020-04-25 -
2020-04-25 - "Fingers And Tongues"
We don't use toys on every set! Its specially unnecessary when you have girls who are into pussy munching like these two! Explicit.
2020-02-08- "Video: Go Down"
An oral heavy session in this video clip! Explicit.
2019-10-12 -
2019-10-12 - "Video: Pussy Munch"
A nice lot of pussy munching for us to watch in this clip! Explicit.
2019-08-24 -
2019-08-24 - "Wet Facial"
Karlie fucks her friend, and then gets a nice facial. A blast from the past on a holiday camera :) B/G.
2019-07-20 -
2019-07-20 - "Video: Large Toys"
Large toys always look better, but you need a model who knows what she is doing to use them properly. These two do! Explicit.
2019-06-15 -
2019-06-15 - "Blow Job Selfie Style"
Karlie gives the driver a blow job, while I'm taking photos from very close up! A fun set with a holiday camera :) B/G.