Jess Harrington

Jess is quite new to modelling, she is more of a dancer really, but she really threw herself into it for me! Really fun, incredibly horny, and great looking. Of course she'll be back!
2022-06-04 - Video:
2022-06-04 - Video: "Good Fingering"
Jess is on the end of a lot of fingering in this film. All good :) Explicit
2022-05-07 -
2022-05-07 - "Interrupted"
This was a bit interrupted as Jess's boyfriend was wandering about the house. She wanted him to go outside so she could concentrate! Explicit
2022-04-09 - Video:
2022-04-09 - Video: "She's Got Talons"
Obviously Jess had the big fingernails throughout the shoot, but they are really obvious here :) Explicit
2022-03-12 -
2022-03-12 - "Nicely Spread Pussy"
We can get a nice look at Jess's pussy here as she spreads good and wide :) Explicit
2022-02-05 - Video:
2022-02-05 - Video: "Help With The Wand"
Jess really loves this wand, even more when I helped her with it! Explicit
2022-01-22 - Video:
2022-01-22 - Video: "Pink Plunger Thing"
A very strange looking toy, but it certainly hits the spot! Explicit
2021-12-25 - Video:
2021-12-25 - Video: "Three Squirts"
Yes, Jess squirts three times in this film. Is this a record? Explicit
2021-11-20 - Video:
2021-11-20 - Video: "Sticky Orgasm"
Jess's pussy gets very wet and sticky as she cums with this toy! Explicit.
2021-10-02 -
2021-10-02 - "A Realistic Toy"
It doesn't just look real, it also feels real. At least, that's what Jess told me. I wasn't going to try it! Explicit
2021-09-11 -
2021-09-11 - "Load Of Cum"
Michael gives Jess a right fucking and cums all over her. His second time! B/G
2021-07-03 - Video:
2021-07-03 - Video: "Cum In Mouth"
A nice mouthful of cum for Jess here, really close up! B/G
2021-06-19 -
2021-06-19 - "Red And Rubbery"
This was an odd feeling toy, sort of squidgy. Looked more like a plunger than a willie! Explicit