Izzy Delphine

I had some fun arranging a shoot with Izzy. She was going to come to London but had to cancel at the last minute. Then she said she couldn't make it to Prague when I was there, and an agent tried to book her and failed. Then Elen booked her for me under a different name, and I didn't realise it was her until the end of the shoot!
2018-02-06 -
2018-02-06 - "Plague Of Insects"
Yes, there was a bit of an issue with this particular location. It took me ages to photoshop the little fuckers out! Open leg.
2017-11-04 -
2017-11-04 - "Sunbathing"
The girls start off sunbathing in their bikinis, but they soon go out of the window! Open leg.
2017-10-14 -
2017-10-14 - "Glorious Sunshine"
The weather was a bit variable, but when we shot this set the sunshine was glorious :) Open leg.
2017-08-05 -
2017-08-05 - "Short White Dresses"
There's a warm glow in this lovely set of Izzy & Sam :) A bight sunny day... Open leg.
2017-04-22 -
2017-04-22 - "Little Boat"
Here's a sweet set of Izzy and Sam sitting on a little boat under the rushes :) Open leg.
2017-03-21 -
2017-03-21 - "Lingerie In A Field"
Well, it's the obvious place to wander around wearing lingerie! Open leg.
2017-01-28 -
2017-01-28 - "Hippy Chicks"
A definite hippy vibe here, especially when Izzy & Sam still have their dresses on! Of course, we quickly get naughty... Open leg.
2016-11-12 -
2016-11-12 - "She Wanted To Keep It"
Izzy loved the bikini, and wanted to keep it. I love it too, and have far too many models I want to shoot in it! Open leg.