Fizza Hassella

Fizza calls herself a "Persian princess", which I'd agree with. She also started modelling as a turn on for herself and to provide naughty pictures for her boyfriend - I'd go along with that too!
2021-07-24 -
2021-07-24 - "Tights With Holes"
Fizza plays with her tights, and her pussy :) So do I! Explicit
2020-08-08 -
2020-08-08 - "Captain Fingers"
Here's Fizza fingering herself. She wanted me to too, so I did! Explicit
2020-07-18 -
2020-07-18 - "She Has To"
Fizza started modelling by doing some pictures with a cucumber as a present for her boyfriend. She then put some of them on her model portfolio. Now, of course,…
2020-06-20 -
2020-06-20 - "Pink Jelly Mold"
Well, its a pink jelly mold in the shape of a cock. Handy, that! Explicit
2020-05-16 -
2020-05-16 - "Oil Coated"
I have to say I rather enjoyed covering Fizz with oil! Explicit
2020-04-18 -
2020-04-18 - "Cherry And Whites"
Cherry coloured dildo & white lingerie. Nothing to do with Gloucester at all! Explicit