Erika Antares

Erika is a big girl, and a very sexy one! She came over from Italy with Rana, and we had a lot of fun together.

2018-08-28 -
2018-08-28 - "Using The Toys"
Not the girls get really naughty with the toys :) Way beyond what Rana normally does! Explicit.
2018-01-27 -
2018-01-27 - "Quick End"
This was a quick set at the end of our shoot - the girls had somewhere to go but we had a few minutes left! Open leg.
2017-12-09 -
2017-12-09 - "Shot In Two Parts"
There was an issue with the lighting in the middle of this set, so we stopped, did something else for a while, and then got back to it... See if you can spot…
2017-11-25 -
2017-11-25 - "Sportswear"
Another nice strip set for Rana & Erika, this time from some rather sporting outfits :) Open leg.
2017-09-23 -
2017-09-23 - "All In Black"
The girls dressed all in black for this set... at least at the start :) Open leg.
2017-08-15 -
2017-08-15 - "Cum At The End"
Erika makes herself cum again at the end of our shoot, while Rana packs the suitcases :)
2017-08-06 -
2017-08-06 - "Club 69"
Well, there's nothing like a spot of 69 between friends! Especially when I'm here to photograph it :) Open leg.
2017-06-24 -
2017-06-24 - "Wants To Cum"
We'd been shooting some arty sets with Rana, but when I started this solo set with Erika, she made it very clear what she wanted to do! Explicit.
2017-05-02 -
2017-05-02 - "Girls And Toys"
Here I give Rana & Erika the chance to use their toys on each other, everyone has fun :) Explicit.
2017-03-04 -
2017-03-04 - "Erika Loves Pussy"
This was intended to be a posing set, but clearly Erika loves pussy and went a lot further than expected - I think Rana rather liked it too! Explicit.