Elen Moore

6 feet tall, red hair, legs that go on forever. What's not to love about Elen? She was visiting London for a few days, staying with her friend Mia Sollis, so we had to get it together for a shoot :) And it was so good, we did it again the next day! She has since become a regular, here, in Prague, and in her home town.

2023-12-30 -
2023-12-30 - "Bump Stool"
Elen is one of the originals on this stool. She remembered the noise it makes when you stand up :) Open leg
2023-06-24 -
2023-06-24 - "Teal Orange"
"Teal orange" is a editing style often used in films, which I really dislike. If you have seen a film and through that everyone looked like Donald Trump, it has…
2023-03-18 -
2023-03-18 - "Nine Feet Tall"
She isn't really nine feet tall! Only about six. It seems more when you are on the floor looking up at her! Open leg
2022-07-30 -
2022-07-30 - "Long Red Hair"
Elen's hair used to be shorter. I was quite surprised to see how long it was this time :) Open leg
2022-06-18 -
2022-06-18 - "Just A Little Bit"
Elen doesn't normally do "open leg" modelling any more, just art nude. But she did for me, just a little bit :) Open leg
2022-05-14 -
2022-05-14 - "All Orangey"
I'm not sure if orangey is a word, I've never been afraid of making up my own. I'm sure you can see what I mean! Open leg
2019-12-07 -
2019-12-07 - "Right Sexy Shorts"
Definitely sexy, these shorts! And very frayed! Open leg.
2019-01-26 -
2019-01-26 - "A Bit Of Detail"
We had been shooting art nude for the cafe, so here I finally got to see Elen in a bit more detail :) Open leg.
2018-12-01 -
2018-12-01 - "On And Off"
One of those sets where the model puts some clothes back on again at the end. I really liked the blue gown :) Open leg.
2018-08-18 -
2018-08-18 - "Rework: Little Ceremonies"
There are two of what I call "Little Ceremonies" on each shoot. The one it the end is the signing ceremony when I take all the photo ids & model releases. The…
2018-04-14 -
2018-04-14 - "Rework: Naked Together"
How simple does it get? Two beautiful girls, naked together on a white bed on a white background. My weekend shooting Mia & Elen was amazing, but this was one…
2018-01-13 -
2018-01-13 - "Black Strap Dress"
An interesting colour and feel to this set :) Elen wears my dress, and we see her endless legs again! Open leg.