Eileen Sue

Eileen is a great model from a while ago. She is pretty much retired now, but has been on my "wanted" list for years. I finally got to shoot her! We had difficult lighting in the studio, and I had to be more aggressive than usual with the photoshopping, but they've come out fine - the introductory set in particular is a doozie!
2019-09-21 -
2019-09-21 - "That's My Name"
Eileen brought this shirt with "Sue" on, so I had to let her wear it for the last set :) Explicit.
2019-08-17 -
2019-08-17 - "Loud Green"
I did have to tone down the greens in this - Eileen's top was luminous! Explicit.
2019-04-06 -
2019-04-06 - "Bright Red"
Eileen's red lingerie seems spectacularly lurid in this set! Open leg.
2019-03-09 -
2019-03-09 - "She's Been Framed"
I managed to frame Eileen in this hole in the wall, It was just the right size! Explicit.
2019-02-09 - Video:
2019-02-09 - Video: "Unexpected Masturbation"
Eileen's shoot had officially been "open leg", although she had gone a little beyond that. When we did a quick fun video at the end she went a lot beyond it!…
2019-01-15 -
2019-01-15 - "Flowers"
Eileen's flowery set of lingerie! Explicit.
2018-12-15 -
2018-12-15 - "Jacket And Jeans"
Complicated lighting, background and costume here... it took a hell of an effort to get right! Open leg.
2018-11-06 -
2018-11-06 - "Complexity"
It took a surprising amount of time too sort out this lingerie set. The strappy bits had to be just so for it to work, but it did in the end :) Explicit.
2018-10-30 -
2018-10-30 - "Just The Jacket"
We had to re-use Eileen's jacket, although only briefly! Open leg.
2018-09-01 -
2018-09-01 - "Inviting Pussy"
OK, so any pussy is inviting, but Eileen's seems edible in this set! Open leg.
2018-08-07 -
2018-08-07 - "My Washing Machine Broke"
This was my introduction to Eileen. She's been on my list for years, but very rarely shoots these days. In fact, while shooting this set she told me that she…