Conny is a very pretty girl who I met on holiday. We had time for a bit of fun shooting, but just with a small camera :)
2023-09-09 -
2023-09-09 - "Red Set"
A lot of red here, with the outfit, the sofa, and the background. Explicit.
2021-06-12 -
2021-06-12 - "Tartan Skirts"
Conny had a couple of different tartan skirts. I ended up putting them in the same set :) Explicit.
2021-01-02 -
2021-01-02 - "Evening Wear"
A pretty girl being rude in an evening dress :) There you go! Explicit.
2020-10-25 -
2020-10-25 - "Big Pink"
Nothing to do with the Band album, or my old T shirt of the same name. Just Conny having fun with an outsized vibrator. Explicit