Barbita is, shall we say, man made ;) Not quite finished maybe, but she looks really good and is a lot of fun. I hope to shoot her again :)

2023-01-28 -
2023-01-28 - "A Low Angle"
I seemed to be very low down for most of this set - I didn't notice at the time :) Open leg.
2022-12-10 -
2022-12-10 - "Bottom"
Let's concentrate on the lady's bottom! Open leg.
2022-10-22 -
2022-10-22 - "In Pink"
Barbita didn't have a lot of stuff with her, but she did have all this pink :) Explicit.
2022-09-24 - Video:
2022-09-24 - Video: "Playful Pussy"
Just the one movie with Barbita on our first shoot - but she looks really good playing with her pussy! Explicit.