Alla is a nice new Russian MILF for us. We had a rather confusing shoot as she has absolutely no english, and, while I am more of a linguist than most, I have no russian. We managed, and have quite a lot of material :)
2023-09-02 -
2023-09-02 - "Last Run"
Before going home I let Alla have a last go with the orange toy. Explicit
2022-02-05 - Video:
2022-02-05 - Video: "Big Wand"
There was quite a variety of toys, this time Alla uses the big wand. Explicit
2022-01-22 -
2022-01-22 - "Deeply Purple"
Well, it is quite dark and the toy is purple! Explicit
2021-12-04 -
2021-12-04 - "Very Close"
Some extremely close up pictures of Alla in this one. Explicit
2021-10-23 -
2021-10-23 - "Fingering"
Some fairly serious fingering from both of us going on :) Explicit
2021-09-11 -
2021-09-11 - "I Have A Narrow Vagina"
Not something I ever expected to write! Also probably not something that has ever been typed into google translate before! Anyway, this is why the toy changes…
2021-07-24 - Video:
2021-07-24 - Video: "With The Wand"
The purple wand worked better for Alla, so we used it more than once :) Explicit
2021-06-26 - Video:
2021-06-26 - Video: "Stroking Pussy"
Alla gets down to some serious pussy stroking in this film, another musical one :) Explicit
2021-05-01 - Video:
2021-05-01 - Video: "Mr Purple"
This time Alla uses the small purple toy to great effect :) Explicit
2021-04-24 - Video:
2021-04-24 - Video: "Close With The Toy"
Some close ups of Alla using the orange toy, along with some help from me :) Explicit
2021-03-13 - Video:
2021-03-13 - Video: "Opened Up"
A musical dance video which ends up very rude! Explicit
2021-02-20 -
2021-02-20 - "Using The Wand"
Alla has a good go with the big mains powered wand. If this doesn't make you cum you aren't breathing! Explicit