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Covers & descriptions of all the photo sets & videos available inside Artcore's Kitchen.
2023-01-28 - Video: Patricia in
2023-01-28 - Video: Patricia in "First Time Wanding"
I believe this was the first time Patricia had used a wand. She liked it! Explicit
2023-01-28 - Video: Joha & Amelia Rose in
2023-01-28 - Video: Joha & Amelia Rose in "Girls Show part 2"
The girls are showing us all they've got! Part 2 of 2 Explicit
2023-01-28 - Presley in
2023-01-28 - Presley in "Heart Shaped"
An odd pair of sunglasses, but she does look cool! Explicit
2023-01-28 - Callie in
2023-01-28 - Callie in "Naked Girl"
We seem to have forgotten a costume here! Open leg.
2023-01-28 - Barbita in
2023-01-28 - Barbita in "A Low Angle"
I seemed to be very low down for most of this set - I didn't notice at the time :) Open leg.
2023-01-21 - Video: Tara in
2023-01-21 - Video: Tara in "Juices Flowing"
Things get very wet in this one! Explicit
2023-01-21 - Video: Jeannie Starr in
2023-01-21 - Video: Jeannie Starr in "Reflective Toy"
Another toy I have to be careful filming! You really don't want to see me! Explicit
2023-01-21 - Kim D'Noir in
2023-01-21 - Kim D'Noir in "Everything You Want"
To be honest, Kim is everything you would want in a woman :) Everything I would want, anyway! Open leg
2023-01-21 - Emerald in
2023-01-21 - Emerald in "Goes Right In"
The wand is meant to be used externally, but Emerald puts it right in her pussy :) Explicit
2023-01-21 - Amelia Rose in
2023-01-21 - Amelia Rose in "Yellow Spread"
My old yellow net bikini thing, combined with widely spread pussy lips :) Explicit
2023-01-14 - Video: Galina M in
2023-01-14 - Video: Galina M in "Little Bit Of Red"
A very nice dark red leotard which stays on for most of the video :) Explicit
2023-01-14 - Raylene in
2023-01-14 - Raylene in "The Librarian"
Raylene does her best librarian impression for us, complete with glasses. Then she gets very naughty with a whole collections of toys. Explicit.
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